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Winston Churchill


Within the English pack you will find reading comprehension activities and creative writing tasks.

Reading: Choose an activity for your child, allow them to read the passage. Get them to highlight any words that they may not understand. Look these words up in the dictionary. Now they can start to answer the questions set for the text. Remind them to use part of the question to answer it. Full sentences please.

Creative Writing Task: Each task has instructions on it. Choose one and following the instructions on the paper.

Please also spend time reading with your child and ask them questions about what they have read and the characters within the story.

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Within the Maths folder you will find levelled packs ranging from level 3 to level 6 in some instances; and as the level increases so does the challenge.  Parents/carers are to select a level and begin at pack 1 in the folder working through from page to page. To give a different aspect of learning we also have ‘Manga High’ which is an interactive platform offering games and assignments.

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In the Science resources you will find a Learning Agenda that the learners can follow and a lesson powerpoint as well as the activity resources. 

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The school subscribes to a website called VotesforSchools. VotesforSchools was created to give all young people a better knowledge of current affairs and get them debating and voting!

In order to support PSHCE they have provided downloadable lessons that can be accessed from the link below. Each lesson involves a question to debate and a Powerpoint to learn more about the issue. 

Click here to access VotesforSchools links


In this folder you will find a selection of Topic packs to choose to learn from as well as Empathy Challenges to complete. 

Topic Packs

Empathy Challenges

Food Skills

In this section you will find lesson Power Points to help support Food Skills at home. 

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Form tutor's email for any questions and further support or extension work.