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MacIntyre Academies


Examination for Summer 2023 ....

Monday15th May Maths Functional Skills Paper 1 

Monday 15th May Maths Functional Skills Ppaer 2

Tuesday16th &  Wednesday17th June GCSE Art 

Friday 19th May GCSE Maths Paper 1

Monday22nd May GCSE Chemistry Paper 1

Monday 5th June GCSE English Paper 1

Wednesday 7th June GCSE Maths Paper 2

Monday 12th June GCSE English Paper 2 

Monday 12th June OCR National Creative iMedia 

Tuesday 13th June GCSE Chemistry 

Wendesday14th June GCSE Maths Paper 3 

National Contingency Day 2023

8th June 2023 - Afternoon

15th June 2023 - Afternoon 

28th June 2023 - All day (last possible exam day) 

Results Day 

Thursday 24th August 

General Exam Information

More information on this can be found on  Ofquals website or page 5 of the Examinations Policy.