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Quest Academy

MacIntyre Academies


The curriculum at Quest is based on seven key principles:

  1. Personalisation  
  2. Relevance and coherence 
  3. Challenge and engagement
  4. Breadth and depth
  5. Development and Progression
  6. Collaboration
  7. Enterprise 

Our overriding aim is to provide learners with a range of planned, relevant, engaging, challenging and personalised learning experiences so that they become: Successful learners, Confident individuals and Responsible Citizens … Ready for Life!

We have four areas of our holistic curriculum that learners develop their knowledge and skills in:

We use age related expected I can statements for all of these areas of learning.

Our curriculum supports our vision for the future in that:

  • We place equal importance on the development of the Life Skills, Engagement and Well-being sections of the Holistic Curriculum as we do the Academic as these are often prerequisites for academic achievement and have a lifelong impact
  • Learning needs to be authentic
  • Learning doesn’t just take place in the classroom and it is not solely delivered by a teacher. For example, pupils can learn etiquette in the canteen and life skills whilst completing work experience with our Admin Team.