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Quest Academy

MacIntyre Academies


Quest Academy is part of MacIntyre Academies Trust which provides centralised governance to all schools and has been supported by the development of sub-committees at school level known as Local Advisory Boards.

Quest Academy Governance Structure

Quest Academy Governance Structure diagram


The Trust Board Terms of Reference  sets out the governance structure and purpose of the Board and also explains how it operates.

MacIntyre Academies Trust Board
Name and position Appointed by Declaration of Interest Date Signed

Neil Macmillan

Chair & member 

Sponsor/ members (12/12) Trustee at MacIntyre Charity (sponsor)  29/04/15

Martin Zahra


Sponsor/ members (12/12)

Trustee at MacIntyre Charity (sponsor) 29/04/15

MacIntyre Charity

Corporate Member




Sarah Burslem


Members (01/17)

CEO MacIntyre Charity (sponsor)

Non Executive Director, Community Catalysts CIC


Charlotte May

Independent Director

Members (02/17) none 11/01/17

Anthony Greenwood (MBE)

Independent Director



none 01/04/17

Denise Cockrem

Independent Member



none 01/04/17

*The term of office is 4 years for all Board members

Further Governance Information

  • MacIntyre Academies Company Number: 08334745
  • Registered offices: MacIntyre Academies, 602 South Seventh Street, Milton Keynes MK9 2JA
  • See below for relevant documents to download