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Quest Academy

MacIntyre Academies


Ready to Learn

Many of the learners at Quest have had negative educational experiences and as a result are often unaware of their own abilities and strengths as a learner. To support learning, Quest has an agreed “Best Practice guidance“ which staff use to support learners achieve their potential.

Healthy Lifestyle

Quest understands that it plays a pivotal role in supporting learners to lead healthy lifestyles (diet, exercise, managing health and well-being) so that they develop the habits needed to support their physical, mental and emotional needs in the short and long term.


Resilience is the ability to learn from a situation and become stronger and better at managing any challenge. Many of our learners have had negative educational experiences / and or have had trauma in their lives which has result in them feeling disempowered. At Quest we understand the importance of developing learners’ self- advocacy, motivation and self- esteem and do this by providing a safe and secure environment where they feel valued and listened to.