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Quest Academy

MacIntyre Academies

School Council and Equality Champions

Through the School Council, our learners are able to:

  • Develop leadership and communication skills
  • Help foster a spirit of pride
  • Build supportive working relationships with each other and the staff team
  • Represent and express the personal views and interests of their peers to the benefit of the wider school community.
  • Develop a practical understanding of the Common Good.

Our School Council provides opportunities for our learners to learn about effective self-government, develop good communication skills and take responsibility for social and community development.

The Student Council is made up of elected members from each class across the school. They meet on a weekly basis, under the guidance of one of our Compassionate Schools Coaches, Emily Smith, to consider issues raised by their peers through using the “you said, we did” system.

Councillors are expected to assume a responsible role in support of their peers throughout the school day. The Council looks at everyday aspects of the life of the school. It might also take on significant projects to bring about lasting improvement to the school – for example, there is a current initiative to develop the school grounds and for Quest to become a Rights, Respecting School.

The Council is also invited to consider on how best to allocate donations to the school; sometimes these may be channelled into a school-based enterprise, while at other times the Council may consider forwarding the donation for the benefit of charity groups operating in a wider context for the good of a community.

Members of the School Council are also involved in the recruitment of new staff and have represented the school at a range of whole school events.

Membership of the Student Council is a sought after aspiration, common to very many learners at Quest Academy. It promotes a ‘sense of belonging’ that we hope each learner shares with us. The positive contributions made by learners serving the School Council are recognised and celebrated by all those involved with Quest and they are rightly considered to be a vibrant and successful aspect of our community.

If you would like to find out more about School Council you can get in touch with Emily Smith via the School Office

Equality Champions

We have recently introduced “Equality Champions” meetings to assist our nominated Equality Champions in their role.  Our Equality Champions are passionate about challenging prejudice and discrimination, fighting for equality and celebrating diversity.

The newly formed group is supported by one of our compassionate schools team, Emily Smith. During their first meeting they discussed computer games and how these can influence children’s views and behaviour. In their next meeting they will discuss how they can educate their peers about this.

Our Equality Champions will work alongside our School Council focusing on how they can work together to support the school achieve the Rights Respecting Award and in the future the Stonewall Champion Award which focusses on the rights and impact of stereotyping different groups of people, for example, transgender.