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Welcome to Albert Einstein Class

May 2024

This week in English, Albert Einstein class have been focussing on creative writing. They have planned and written their own short stories, inspired by the books by Shaun Tan they have been reading this half-term. Some learners have even managed to illustrate their stories like Shaun Tan does. In Maths, learners have been revising the topics we have covered this half-term. They have demonstrated their recall of coordinates, translations, area, volume and pie charts. In Science, learners explored different types of machines and how they work, identifying pulleys, levers and gears in a range of objects. Learners have also enjoyed making a range of recipes in Food Tech, building spaghetti and marshmallow structures in PSHE, getting competitive on Scratch in Computing, and playing dodgeball in PE.

April 2024

This week in English, Albert Einstein class have been reading The Lost Thing by Shaun Tan. They have compared this story to other short stories about lost creatures, looking for similarities and differences in plot and characters. They also enjoyed watching the film adaptation of The Lost Thing and considering how it was changed from the book. In Maths, learners have been using cubes to model 3D shapes and practise their times tables knowledge to calculate volume. In Science, Albert Einstein have been investigating gravity. They compared the falls of a heavy item and a light item to see which reached the ground first. Learners also demonstrated their shading skills in Art, enjoyed toffee apples in Food Tech and have been launching their own fundraising projects in PSHE.

March 2024

08.03.2024: This week in English, Albert Einstein class have been learning about direct and indirect speech. They have used speech bubbles, speech marks and reports to communicate what characters are saying in different ways. In Maths, Albert Einstein class have been practising their times tables skills while multiplying decimals. In Science, learners used different citrus fruits to generate voltage and see if they could create enough power to charge a mobile phone. Learners also enjoyed making fudge, Easter cookies and chicken pasta in Food Tech, illustrating tooth decay using sugar and yeast in PSHE, and developing their football skills in PE.

01.03.2024: This week in English, Albert Einstein class have been learning about modal verbs and adverbs of possibility. They have focussed on using these words when writing their own sequels to Tuesday by David Wiesner. In Maths, learners have continued studying fractions, this week focussing on multiplying and dividing them. In Science, learners demonstrated their circuit knowledge through a code-cracking game. Learners showed perseverance and teamwork to help each other complete all the levels of the game. In PSHE, learners explored resilience by competing to build the tallest paper tower, while facing a range of different challenges, such as working with their eyes closed, only using one hand, or standing on one leg. Albert Einstein class also enjoyed making lemonade, bubble tea and sausage rolls in Food Tech.

February 2024

This week in English, Albert Einstein class have been exploring the book “Tuesday” by David Wiesner. They have written their own witness statements and police reports inspired by the story. In Maths, learners have been adding and subtracting fractions and mixed numbers, using their times tables knowledge to convert fractions where needed. In Science, learners have been investigating circuits, completing broken circuits to make the bulb turn on. Learners have also made Monster Burgers and Fortnite-inspired drinks in Food Tech, and brainstormed ideas about resilience in PSHE.

January 2024

3) This week in English, Albert Einstein class have been exploring prequels. They have read a selection of texts and tried to imagine what might have happened before. The also demonstrated their creative writing skills by writing their own prequels to one of the short stories. In Maths, Albert Einstein have been studying linear sequences, calculating what the rule is for each sequence, before using this to complete a range of sequences. In Science, learners have continued investigating the circulatory system by making models of the heart and using syringes of paint to illustrate the flow of oxygenated and deoxygenated blood. Learners have also considered their own digital footprints in PSHE, enjoyed pizza and pasta in Food Tech, and got creative with clay in Art.

2) This week in English, Albert Einstein class have been adding adverbials to their writing. They have used story pegs from different short stories to inspire their writing. In Maths, learners have been using their times tables and division knowledge to solve problems involving fractions. In Science, Albert Einstein have begun investigating the human circulatory and respiratory systems, labelling diagrams of the heart and lungs. Learners have also used code to solve maze problems on Blockly in Computing, practised their shooting skills in basketball in PE, and got creative with lollipop sticks in Art. They also enjoyed making and sharing a range of delicious dishes in Food Tech, including pasta, sausage rolls, chicken nuggets and fajitas. Learners finished the week by designing a hotel on the moon! 

1) This week in English, Albert Einstein class have been exploring story genres. They have looked at a selection of short stories and tried to predict the genre of the story from the title, before reading the stories to see if they were correct. Learners also demonstrated their creative writing skills by continuing some of the stories in their chosen genres. In Maths, Albert Einstein have been studying ratio and challenging themselves to use their times tables knowledge to simplify ratios. In Science, Albert Einstein have begun learning about gestation and drew on their maths skills to construct a graph showing the gestation periods of different animals. Learners have also explored sculpture with paper straws in Art, practised their basketball skills in PE, created music using WebGL in Computing and reflected on their own skills and personal development in PSHE. 

December 2023

6) This week in English, Albert Einstein class have been studying prepositions and focussing on using prepositional phrases in their creative writing. We have had some excellent stories written, with some learners also taking inspiration from their Music lessons to create soundtracks to accompany their work. In Maths, learners have been challenged with word problems, and demonstrated their confidence in column methods to solve them. Learners have also enjoyed making marble cakes, gingerbread houses and Pokémon pancakes in Food Tech, and enjoyed meeting the school chickens in ACE. Albert Einstein were also able to take part in a cup stacking workshop this week, where they worked really hard to improve their speed and were really proud of their results. Finally we finished the week celebrating at the Christmas Fair. 

5) This week in English, Albert Einstein class have been creating tourist information leaflets for a Gothic setting. They have focussed on sensory language to create a vivid atmosphere for the reader. In Maths, learners have been working on more complex column subtraction, before being challenged with mixed addition and subtraction problems, as well as missing number problems. In Science, Albert Einstein have continued to look at specialised cells, choosing different cells to research and produce fact files for. In Computing, learners explored more WebGL, using BlockBench to build snowmen and competing to earn gimbles in a puzzle activity on RoTopo. Learners also made tropical smoothies, raspberry ripple ice cream, and chocolate crinkle biscuits in Food Tech. 

4) This week in English, Albert Einstein have been learning about relative clauses, using these in their own sentences to describe the characters of their class novel. In Maths, learners have studied Roman numerals, finishing the week with some column addition problems written in Roman numerals, which they had to translate, then solve. Learners also made blackberry marshmallows, cake and honey biscuits in Food Tech, explored the proportions of different religions across the world in PSHE, demonstrated melodic contours in Music, and had fun using a fluid simulation on WebGL in Computing. 

November 2023

3) This week in English, Albert Einstein have been continuing their Gothic Literature topic by beginning a book study of Goth Girl and the Ghost of a Mouse by Chris Riddell. They have analysed both setting and character in the opening chapter. In Maths, learners have tackled division, using the bus stop method to solve problems both with and without remainders. Learners also enjoyed making raspberry ice lollies in Food Tech. 

2) This week in English, Albert Einstein class have been studying gothic literature, exploring common themes, brainstorming adjectives and writing their own gothic descriptions inspired by image prompts. In Maths, learners have been perfecting the lattice method of multiplication and can now multiply up to 4-digit numbers confidently. In Science, Albert Einstein class learned the different features of plant and animal cells, as well as following an online practical to view plant cells from an onion under a microscope. In Food Tech, we enjoyed some delicious pizza, as well as making Pudsey Bear biscuits that were shared across the school for Children in Need Day on Friday. Learners explored personal space in PSHE, as well as creating ‘positive propaganda’ posters to celebrate our uniqueness. Albert Einstein have also started working on their badminton skills in PE, using a variety of equipment to practise their control, before competing to see who could achieve the highest rally with a shuttlecock. 

October 2023

7) This week in English, Albert Einstein have been looking forward to Halloween by exploring spooky similes and writing their own horror stories. In Maths, learners have tackled multiplication, exploring the grid method and the column method to solve problems. In Food Tech, learners enjoyed comparing different recipes for making marshmallow mushrooms and producing Halloween-themed gingerbread biscuits. They ended the half-term with a lower school dodgeball tournament run by the upper school sports leaders, culminating in a huge game of all of lower school against the sports leaders!

6) This week, Albert Einstein class have enjoyed Halloween-themed activities, from baking monster mash fudge and pumpkin pie in Food Tech, to getting creative with spooky colouring sheets and origami. Learners have also worked hard using BIDMAS in Maths and produced some amazing abstract pictures in Art.

5) This week in English, Albert Einstein class have been studying articles and adverbial phrases. In Maths, learners have extended their knowledge of indices to solve more challenging problems involving negative powers and bases. In Science, Albert Einstein class conducted an experiment to explore solubility, timing how long it took different substances to dissolve in water. Learners also demonstrated their basketball skills in PE and enjoyed making pasta and Smarties cookies in Food Tech.

4) This week in English, Albert Einstein class have tackled newspaper articles, first exploring the language features that reporters use, before then using some of these features in their own newspaper reports. In Maths, learners have studied indices, particularly focussing on the index rules for multiplication. Learners have also enjoyed making fruit muffins in Food Tech and demonstrating their team-building in PSHE.

September 2023

3) This week, Albert Einstein class have produced some outstanding English work, writing diary entries from the perspective of some of their favourite characters. Learners have also worked hard on finding highest common factors in Maths and recalling the properties of solids, liquids and gases in Science. In PE, learners worked in teams to formulate strategy in a game of Capture the Flag, and they also demonstrated their teamwork in Food Tech, working together to make a lemon cake.

2) This week in Albert Einstein, learners have been extending their thesaurus skills to find antonyms in English. In Maths, they have been using their times tables to decide which numbers are prime numbers. They have also enjoyed exploring their identities in PSHE and making some delicious colourful pancakes in Food Tech.

1) This September, we welcomed some new learners to Albert Einstein class. They have experienced many subjects in their first week at Quest, particularly enjoying making smoothies in Food Tech, discovering the properties of kinetic sand in Science and demonstrating their coordination and reaction times with training games in PE. The learners have also begun making friendships while playing board games and showing off their football skills in the MUGA. They even found time to study synonyms in English, practise rounding in Maths and explore AI art in Computing!

March 2021

This week in Alert Programme, learners explored their sense of taste by trying different foods such as Skittles, raisins and Doritos! 

STEM Week: Coke and Mentos Experiment

February 2021

January 2021

Simon has been teaching different members of Albert Einstein how to draw on the iPad using an Apple pencil.

December 2020

Albert Einstein have been enjoying creating items for the Quest website. Learners have been developing a variety of skills in sewing, Hama beading, paper crafting and clay modelling!

October 2020

Albert Einstein played games together and decorated biscuits as part of ‘No Pens Wednesday’.

February 2020

This week we have been focusing on writing our own The Day Louis got eaten story by creating our own new characters.

We have also been focusing on having fun with fractions in Maths. 



January 2020

This half term the children have been writing funny stories and have also created their own funny instructions based on various texts such as 'don't let the pigeon drive the bus' 'the day Louis got eaten' and 'no thank you'.

In RE the children have started learning about different religious traditions and had a go at creating their own 'sukkah' based on the Jewish tradition.

In PHSCE the children have been learning about having an opinion. They had different statements to sort into whether or they agreed or not which created a good debate (pictured below).

In Maths the children have been continuing to develop their addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills and will be learning more about fractions in the last couple of weeks.