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Helen Keller

Helen Keller

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  • Welcome to Helen Keller Class

    Published 21/11/19, by {custom13}

    January 2021

    In Food Tech, learners have enjoyed making curry and experimenting with different levels of spice. 

    In Maths we have been working on calculating the area of 2D shapes. The class can now calculate the areas of squares, rectangles and compound shapes.

    In Literacy we have been working on expanding our sentences by using adjectives and connectives.

    March 2020 - Embedding our love of reading 

    This week we have been doing some guided reading with our Literacy lead Nigel, reading Jack Stalwart Secret Agent, The Quest For Aztec Gold. Helen Keller also embed our love for reading when we used our Vote for Schools software to discuss the topic “do you enjoy reading?” which was a resounding yes 100% of the class. This allowed learners to explore other children’s views, the upcoming World Book day, what costumes they might wear, vote on books that they could buy with their tokens and if they enjoyed reading. World Book day is 5th March. 

    This week as part of our topic lessons in Helen Keller we have been making old fashioned boiled sweets. The Learners used a traditional recipe and flavourings to create their own unique sweets.




    January 2020

    Helen Keller class have been working on their Gymnastic skills on the Bars and running track into the foam pit.


    They have also been using their creative skills to begin learning about graffiti art and designing their own tags.


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