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  • Welcome to Rosa Parks Class

    Published 21/11/19, by {custom13}

    June-July 2022

    Rosa Parks have had a Summer term full of special memories. At the start of the term we met with some WW2 visitors, who showed us WW2 artefacts and sent us around an assault course designed for soldiers! We all stood to attention and took the task very seriously. When the weather started to peak, we went to the track and had a water-fight - luckily our clothes dried out quickly. 

    In between all of this, Rosa Parks worked hard exploring 'Mr Stink' by David Walliams in English, the Human Life Cycle in Science and created artwork around the theme of 'Aspirations' in Creative - we're particularly proud of our collaborative art project which was inspired by 'Global Wings' by Collette Miller. New friendships have been developed this term too, with learners feeling confident to interact with other children.

    A highlight of the term, was our reward visit to a Soft Play centre and McDonald's - the slides were some of our favourite, and we left feeling tired and full. Just before the heatwave hit, we went to Questival. Our stool was 'Soak the Teacher' and Rosa Parks had great fun getting their own back on their teacher!! Other attractions included a talent show, walking Alpaca's, face paints and a visit from Newsround's very own Martin!

    It has been a busy year, but Rosa Parks have worked incredibly hard and made lots of core memories. Their class team are very proud of them and wish them a fun summer break!

    May 2022

    January-February 2022

    Friendships have been a large focus in Rosa Parks this term. Learners have enjoyed accessing the Soft Play and Climbing rooms with their peers, as well as playing Stuck in the Mud on the playground, creating dens and having picnics in the classroom. Our Creative topic of 'problem-solving' has helped learners develop their communication and teamwork skills through learning a new playground game each week - as one learner said, 'I have learnt not to judge others before hearing what they have to say'. 

    In English, we were focusing on 'Horrid Henry' books to help us understand the features of a fiction text, e.g. speech marks, fronted adverbials, story mountains. This culminated in learners writing their own amazing short stories! In Maths, Rosa Parks have progressed their understanding of fractions having looked at adding fractions with different denominators and sequencing fractions. Learners were particularly delighted when they got to create their own pizzas to represent equivalent fractions. 

    In Science, Rosa Parks have explored the solar system and have secured their understanding of the key words 'rotate' and 'orbit'. A favourite lesson of the class was when they got to create their own solar systems, using skewers and polystyrene balls!

    Due to the high quality of work produced and safe behaviour shown by many members of Rosa Parks class, they were able to access some fantastic rewards on a Friday. These included Lazer Quest, Bowling, McDonald's and a visit from Zoo Lab! Keep up the good work Rosa Parks!

    November - December 2021

    Rosa Parks have had a very busy term! 

    Learners have enjoyed completing an array of morning settling activities. There has been digging for letters in jelly, superhero mask making, creating crazy hair people, and writing complement suns to name just a few activities!

    In English, Rosa Parks class have been reading 'How to Train Your Dragon'. They have shown fantastic listening skills when having the book read to them and have used this book to inspire their own short stories, fact files and comic strips. Their work has been amazing! Well done team 🙂 

    For Maths, learners have particularly enjoyed 'practical' learning. They revised multiplying by 100 by answering questions on Jenga blocks, ran a biscuit and juice stall where staff costs were 1000 times that of learners(!) and used their knowledge of dividing by 100 to create an ice cream recipe for one.

    Learners have also been 'hands on' in Science, where we have been creating circuits, and Geography, when they had to create a piece of artwork, which represented their learning of Antarctica (penguins were a big feature!). 

    As the term comes to a close, learners have had the opportunity to create the Christmas Decorations they had researched and designed earlier in the term. Soon our classroom will look like a Winter Wonderland! 

    September - October 2021

    A new year in Rosa Parks and we have started it with a bang! 

    Learners have started each day with a different morning 'settling' activity. We have made breathing buddies, dream jars, decorated pebbles and water bottles, looked at how our words affect others with Humpty Dumpty, played with kinetic sand and guessed 'what's in the balloon?'... and that's just to name a few morning activities!

    Rosa Parks learners have been inventors in English — they designed their own game cover before writing instructions on how to load or play their game. They also researched an invention and wrote fantastic non-chronological reports on what they found out. In the last few weeks of term, we have been looking at the importance of imagery in poetry in line with National Poetry Day.

    In Maths, we have covered the topics of place value, Roman numerals and column addition/subtraction. Learners enjoyed using magic stars to help them understand what each place value column represents; we used our play shop to support adding up money.

    Science has allowed us the opportunity to do MANY experiments, as we have been looking at water and changes of state. Rosa Parks particularly enjoyed getting dressed up in lab coats and goggles to do an experiment with steam and water droplets!

    Our history topic this term has been the Ancient Egyptians, where learners enjoyed writing their name in hieroglyphics on a cartouche! This nicely tied into our communication topic, where the learners were WW2 spies receiving Morse code messages and made string phones. We're aiming to create our own secret language by the end of the week!

    After all of this hard work Rosa Parks definitely deserve a restful half-term! Well done guys!

    They also worked really hard this World Poetry Day, on 7th October.

    March 2021

    Learners have created their own magical chocolate bar (making chocolate and chocolate boxes) for Harry Potter's magical trolley.

    They have also been measuring their own theme parks, which they have upscaled and worked out the perimeter of each ride.

    February 2021


    June 2020

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