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Welcome to Lewis Hamilton Class

May - Summer 1 - Week 6

May - Summer 1 - Week 4

May - Summer 1 - Week 3

April - Summer 1 - Week 1

This week we had Zoo Lab visit!

March - Spring 2 - Week 5

This week in Maths, Lewis Hamilton have been studying two-way tables, using their logistical thinking to complete the tables and then extracting data to answer questions. They have also begun revising probability, practising answering exam questions on this topic.

In English, Lewis Hamilton have been comparing a 19th Century text about the writer’s experience of bank holidays, to a modern article describing a parent’s experience of the school summer holidays. They have focussed on language techniques, structural techniques, tone and narrative perspective in their answers.

In Science, learners have been exploring reversible reactions, learning how to write equations and how changes in temperature and pressure will affect these reactions. 

March - Spring 2 - Week 3

This week in English, Lewis Hamilton have been using the mark scheme to assess sample answers, as well as their own answers, so they can better understand their success criteria for their exams. In Maths, learners have been learning how to factorise and solve quadratic equations. They have practised these skills with some past exam questions. In Science, Lewis Hamilton used an information sheet to research and produce a fact file on catalysts. 

Learners have also enjoyed rehearsing their arrangement of the song “American Pie” in Music, and had the option to attend a presentation from City College Coventry as part of their transition curriculum. 

February - Spring 2 - Week 2

February - Spring 2 - Week 1

February - Spring - Week 7

This week in English, Lewis Hamilton class have read some non-fiction sources on the topic of prisons, including a letter from Oscar Wilde about imprisoned children and a newspaper article about American prisons. They have then analysed these to compose exam answers explaining and comparing the attitudes of the authors towards prisons. In Maths and Science, learners have been accessing a variety of revision activities for upcoming formal assessments. In Computing, learners have continued progress through their controlled assessments. 

Year 10 and 11 learners also attended a careers presentation from the police, as part of their transition curriculum. Year 11 have also enjoyed their first of three training sessions with ASK Apprenticeships, who offer Apprenticeships Support and Knowledge. The learners engaged positively with their first session, where they got to know their trainer and shared their own ambitions for the future. In upcoming sessions, they will learn more about apprenticeship options and also take part in a body language workshop to practise their interview skills.  

Lewis Hamilton have also enjoyed dodgeball in PE, and worked together to rehearse and add harmonies to their performance of ‘Riptide’ in Music. 

February - Spring - Week 6

This week in English, Lewis Hamilton have continued working through a practise non-fiction exam paper, analysing two diary texts written by teachers, before writing their own speeches to explain their thoughts on if teaching is a good career choice. In Maths, learners have also continued exam preparation by tackling a GCSE past paper 2. 

In Science, they have been investigating the structure and properties of glass and ceramics, explaining how they are made and their uses. They have also considered the properties and uses of different alloys. 

Learners have also enjoyed badminton in PE and Valentines-themed baking in Hospitality & Catering. Year 11 and Year 10 learners also welcomed some staff from Warwickshire College Group for a presentation to support their transition to college after they leave Quest. 

February - Spring - Week 5

This week in English, Lewis Hamilton have continued reading and analysing a variety of non-fiction texts, focussing on the DAFOREST techniques in their exam answers. In Maths, learners have been combining their knowledge of Pythagoras’ Theorem and area formulas to calculate the surface areas of cones. Learners have also continued enjoying using BandLab in Music to create their own melodic lines, and in Computing they have finished preparing for their controlled assessments which will start next week. 

January - Spring - Week 4

This week in English, Lewis Hamilton have explored different forms of non-fiction texts, including open letters and comedy writing. In Maths, learners have been studying linear graphs, using the formula y=mx+c to describe graphs and answer exam questions. They then moved onto revising Pythagoras’ Theorem in preparation for using it to solve problems involving surface area of 3D shapes. In Science, Lewis Hamilton have been learning about water purification and the processes used to obtain potable water. They have also considered the environmental impact of plastic vs paper bags. 

In Computing, learners created their own sprites to code into a game inspired by Pacman. They then attempted an independent coding project as preparation for their upcoming controlled assessment. In ASDAN, Lewis Hamilton have learned about the cycle of oppression. In PSHE, learners have been working through a study skills programme to help support their preparations for formal exams. Learners have also enjoyed developing their musical skills and exploring VR during their Personalised Learning lessons. 

January - Spring - Week 3

This week in English, Lewis Hamilton have continued practising answers for their non-fiction paper 2, focussing on language devices and the effect they have on the reader. In Maths, learners have been revising standard index form and solving problems involving dividing and multiplying in standard index form. In Science, learners have been exploring the effects of climate change on living organisms, before focussing on pollution and drawing on their knowledge of combustion to explain how toxic gasses can be created. They have also researched renewable energy sources which can be more sustainable. 

In Computing, Lewis Hamilton have extended their skills in coding to program a game inspired by Crossy Road. In Music, learners followed a BandLab tutorial to explore loops and create their own pieces of music. In PE, learners enjoyed a very intense table tennis tournament! 

January - Spring - Week 2

This week in English, Lewis Hamilton have continued working on their skills with non-fiction by reading and analysing different sources about Emmett Till, inspired by the upcoming film. In Maths, they have begun revising a variety of topics in order to better target their revision as we approach formal exams. This week they have focussed on revising area of a triangle and Pythagoras’ Theorem to enable them to answer higher level shape problems. In Science, Lewis Hamilton have begun their new topic studying the Earth and its atmosphere. In Music, learners began exploring digital techniques for creating music using a website called BandLab. In Computing, learners have continued practising their independent coding skills in preparation for their assessment. 

December - Winter - Week 6 

This week in English, learners have continued developing their skills with non-fiction texts for their Paper 2 exam. They have focussed on analysing the impact of language techniques chosen by the writer, and also used purple pen to peer assess their work.

In Maths, Lewis Hamilton have been focussing on the nth term, recapping their knowledge of how to solve problems involving linear equations, before challenging themselves with some quadratic functions.  

In Computing, learners have continued developing their coding skills, working as independently as possible in preparation for their assessments next term. And in PSHE, learners ended the term with some body positive mindfulness colouring. 

December - Winter - Week 5

December - Winter - Week 4

Lewis Hamilton's week has been dominated by mock exams!

November - Winter - Week 3

This week in English, learners have focussed on structural techniques in preparation for their upcoming mock exams. They have explored how writers can evoke certain thoughts or feelings in the reader through the way they structure their texts.

In Maths, learners have been drawing on their algebraic knowledge to solve simultaneous equations.

In Science, Lewis Hamilton have been studying atom economy, using their periodic tables to calculate atom economy as another method of measuring the efficiency of chemical reactions.

In Music, learners are improving their ukulele skills, focussing on the chords needed to play “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz, with some learners progressing on to learning these chords on the keyboard too.

In ASDAN, learners researched vision statements from a range of companies, before creating their own vision statements based on their values, and writing medium term SMART goals designed to support them in achieving their visions. 

November - Winter - Week 2

This week in English, Lewis Hamilton have been practising their exam technique analysing extracts from a range of sources, including “Rebecca” and “Of Mice and Men” and focussing on the language techniques used by Daphne du Maurier and John Steinbeck to answer practise exam questions.

In Maths, learners have completed a practise exam paper, and then used the mark scheme to ‘purple pen’ their own work.

In Science, we have been studying ionic and covalent bonding and understanding why different substances have different properties, based on their bonding and structure. Learners have practised writing exam-style answers including keywords, before moving on to using their mathematical skills to calculate relative formula mass and percentage yield.

In Computing, learners have demonstrated that they can identify the characteristics of computer memory and used a fact sheet to categorise types of secondary storage.

Lewis Hamilton also continued enjoying their Music study, focussing on the chords C, G and Am to play Riptide on their ukuleles. 

October 2022 - Autumn - Week 6

This week in English, Lewis Hamilton have been practising exam technique answering some past paper questions.

In Maths, Lewis Hamilton have been exploring congruent and similar shapes, finding scale factors and investigating the relationship between the areas of similar shapes.

In Computing, learners have been developing their independent research skills by finding out about different types of utility software and their functions to complete a CPU knowledge organiser.

In PE, learners finished the half-term with a very competitive game of badminton!

In Science, learners have continued their revision of a Physics topic in preparation for their assessment.

In PSHE, learners discussed different types of privilege, and then worked together to produce mind maps on hetrosexual privilege, thin privilege and white privilege based on their discussions.

In ASDAN, learners considered different sources of support in their lives and created relationship circles to illustrate this. 

October 2022 - Autumn - Week 5

This week in English, Lewis Hamilton class have continued developing their Speaking and Listening skills through debating. We have discussed the rules for debates, brainstormed some topics to debate, and participated in debates about phone hacking and about reclaiming slurs.

In Maths, Lewis Hamilton have been studying enlargements, focussing on the centre of enlargement and constructing accurate enlargements of a variety of shapes with different integer and fractional scale factors.

In Science, learners have been learning about monosaccharides and polysaccharides, applying their chemistry knowledge to the study of DNA, and finishing off with some topic revision.

In Computing, the learners have demonstrated their knowledge of the roles of an operating system and in PSHE we have explored the topic of identity and diversity, with learners making posters to share and celebrate their own identities. Lewis Hamilton also enjoyed demonstrating design thinking by taking on the spaghetti and marshmallow tower building challenge this week, with the winning tower standing at 71cm tall! 

October 2022 - Autumn - Week 4

This week Lewis Hamilton have been delivering their Speaking & Listening presentations in English. Learners have focussed on a variety of current event topics, from the monarchy, to horror movies, as well as a very passionate critique of price inflation at Greggs.

Lewis Hamilton have also been exploring surds in Maths, using their knowledge of square and cube numbers to estimate values and solve simplification problems. Later in the week, they began revising their knowledge of upper and lower bounds.

In Science, Lewis Hamilton class have been challenging themselves studying carboxylic acids and polymerisation.

They have also been exploring emotions in ASDAN and developing their dodgeball skills in PE. In Computing, learners have written algorithms to develop their understanding of computational thinking, then discovered the difference between general purpose and embedded systems. 

September 2022 - Autumn 1 - Week 3

September 2022 - Autumn 1 - Week 2

September 2022 - Autumn 1 - Week 1

This week Lewis Hamilton have begun Year 11 at Quest. They have enjoyed a variety of activities within their tutor group, including designing characters and boards for a dice game of knucklebones, coding and programming an infinite platformer game, exploring digital art by using an AI to generate images, and getting competitive with tennis and dodgeball in PE. The learners have also completed Maths on MangaHigh and a ‘Difficult Words’ spelling test in preparation to start their Year 11 timetable next week. 

July 2021 - Summer 2 - Week 6

What an amazing couple of weeks to end this year, well done Lewis Hamilton Class! 

July 2021 - Summer 2 - Week 5

In the words of our learners...

Callum: Yesterday I experienced how to throw a grenade and the aim was to get it into the gun turret of the tank. I successfully got it in! Also, we learnt to carry our TA Beccy on the stretcher, then we had to take her through the obstacle course and I found it funny when we tipped her off the stretcher! We did an army march properly, and we tried on hats from the world war. I found the obstacle course fun and tough at the same time. 

Riley: Yesterday we had a World War II day. There were three people, they were in costume as characters from World War II. They had a bag of pretend grenades made of rubber, we took turns throwing them into an imaginary tank turret made of sand bags. It was difficult, and we only got one on target in our whole group! 

They taught us how to stand and walk properly as if we were doing basic army drills. We had hats to wear, and they gave us wooden guns to hold. We had an obstacle course to do, we had to work as a team to make it round as quickly as possible. It was tiring. 

We had to carry a stretcher with our TA, Beccy, on it around the obstacle course. At the end, we tipped her off the stretcher because she always takes our phones off us! 

Anyone that enjoys history, especially WWII would have enjoyed this activity. 

Nathan: Yesterday we did a WWII workshop. Three guests dressed in character showed us stuff. They were dressed as an ARP, an officer, and a vintage lady. We did grenade throwing where we had to throw a grenade into a sand bag pit. We also did some army drills, which included marching, how to hold a rifle, and saluting. 

We did a ‘confidence course’ where we had to go under tarpaulin and barbed wire, over a barbed wire obstacle and hit a sack as if we were bayonetting it. We set a record on the course! Then we had to carry a stretcher with our TA Beccy on it around the course. She looked scared. Finally, one of the guys demonstrated the air raid siren which was very loud. 

Zakk: Yesterday, we had a WW2 workshop. We learnt how to stand properly and march properly, like they do in the army. I didn’t enjoy this because it wasn’t very active, and I didn’t know what most of the command words meant. We also did an obstacle course where we had to crawl under some tarpaulin and then barbed wire. We had to jump over something and stab a sandbag with our imaginary bayonets. It was challenging because we had to work as a team and some people were slower than others. I just wanted to rush ahead and finish, but we had to help our teammates. We set a record for the course of 25 seconds. We made our TA Beccy get on a stretcher, so we could carry her through the obstacle course. It was payback for her taking our phones every day and the payback was sweet! We bumped her around a lot and at the end we tipped her off the stretcher. 

We learnt how to salute captains, but I was a civilian, so I didn’t have to salute anyone. Callum had to salute everybody because he had the lowest rank in the army. After we learned how to salute, they showed us the portable air-raid siren. It was very loud. They used it whenever bombs were coming. The best part of the workshop was the obstacle course, but I found it difficult to learn all the command words for the marching drill. The only one I can remember is “at ease”. 

Jack: On Tuesday, three people came to Quest to talk about WW2. They dressed as a British Army Officer, a soldier, and a lady with clothes from that time. We did some activities: grenade throwing, marching, going through an obstacle course and listening to an air-raid siren. 

We learned how to carry a gun and how to march following orders. My favourite thing was to run through the obstacles, under a tarpaulin and under some barbed wire made out of string. It was a good day, but I already knew a lot about WW2. 

July 2021 - Summer 2 - Week 4

This week in English, Lewis Hamilton have finished the debating topic by planning and then performing their own debate. Learners each took on a different role, researched and wrote their speeches, before reading them out to the class. We are really proud of the confidence and public speaking skills shown this week. Learners have also engaged really well with their independent reading session this week, with some taking advantage of a shared reading session with some of our new library books.

In Maths, we had a quick recap of square numbers as an introduction to the new topic of surds. Learners have worked really well on this and are beginning to show a good understanding of what a surd is. They are ready to move on to solving problems involving surds.

Year 10 have worked really well in Science this week developing their practical skills with some different experiments exploring the reactivity series of metals and discovering the 'squeaky pop' test. They then moved on to studying waves, modelling both longitudinal and transverse wave forms using a slinky.

In PE, learners have had the opportunity to work on some different activities this week. They had a game of football cricket, showing some positive teamwork skills. They then showed great perseverance and motivation working on shot put, with strong determination to beat their personal bests.

June 2021 - Summer 2 - Week 3

This week in English, Lewis Hamilton have continued studying debating. We have learned about how to set up a debate, as well as revising different language techniques and using them to write some of our own speeches. Our next steps are to build up confidence in public speaking skills.

In Maths, Year 10 have taken on the challenge of trigonometry. We have learned the acronym SOHCAHTOA and practised using formula triangles to solve some difficult questions. Learners have had to work really hard on this topic and are really building their confidence and understanding of trigonometry, as well as their calculator skills.

In PE, Year 10 have enjoyed some summer athletics this week. Outside, we have worked on javelin, discus and relay, while in the sports hall we have practised hurdles and jumping. Learners demonstrated good perseverance to beat their personal bests!

In Computing, Lewis Hamilton have continued working on flow charts and investigated a new program that will help them write their own working code. They also had a chance to try out some virtual reality environments, and explored Dubai, New York, the ocean, and WW2 trenches!

June 2021 - Summer 2 - Week 2

This week in Lewis Hamilton we have continued our debating topic in English. Learners have focussed on different persuasive writing skills, and practised using them by writing their own debate speeches on different topics.

In Maths, learners have continued practising solving linear equations, using whiteboards to help them with some of the more challenging questions. They have all demonstrated their resilience with this, this week.

In Science, learners have been revising their Chemistry topic with a range of resources, including textbooks, PowerPoints and dominoes.

They have also enjoyed the summer weather during PE playing cricket outside on the MUGA.

Lewis Hamilton have also been challenged in their Computing lessons this week, where we have practised drawing flowcharts and writing pseudocode.

Lewis Hamilton also enjoyed a Food Tech session this week when they had the opportunity to test out Quest's new ice cream machines. They made vanilla ice cream and lemon sorbet and are now ready to try out a larger variety of flavours.

June 2021 - Summer 2 - Week 1

This week in English, Lewis Hamilton have begun their speaking and listening topic and are studying debates. We have learned a lot of keywords, and started to look at how body language and non-verbal communication are important. Learners have engaged really well and are really developing their confidence in speaking and listening.

In Maths, Year 10 have been practising solving linear equations. Learners have demonstrated their skills on both one and two-step problems, as well as using their knowledge to solve a range of puzzles.

In Science, Lewis Hamilton have continued studying acids and alkalis. They enjoyed a practical lesson making Rainbow Fizz, and then used their Chemistry knowledge to explain why the fizz had changed colour.

In PE this week, Year 10 took advantage of the sunny weather and enjoyed playing dodgeball and football cricket outside in the MUGA. And in Health and Fitness learners began exploring how to create their own fitness plans. They then took on the 'Earn what you burn' challenge, burning up to 300 calories in a 30-minute gym session!

May 2021 - Summer 1 - Week 6

This week in English, Lewis Hamilton have continued studying Jekyll and Hyde. They are really getting to grips with the Victorian language and can use their dictionary and decoding skills to add new words to their vocabularies. They are also really improving their use of the PEE technique when answering comprehension questions.

In Maths, Year 10 have had a very busy week tackling both enlargements and square numbers. They have worked really hard to ensure their enlargements are accurate, and have been challenging themselves with increasingly difficult questions on square numbers.

In Science, we have been experimenting with acids and alkalis and discovered that they change universal indicator different colours. Learners worked well in the lab, before using their results to help them complete their worksheets.

In PE, learners have been demonstrating teamwork playing one of their favourite sports, basketball. And in PSHE we have been learning about the criminal justice system. Learners had to move around the classroom finding different pieces of information, which they combined into a fact file.

In Hospitality & Catering, learners were challenged to follow recipes to create a two-course meal. We had some very delicious spaghetti bolognese and apple crumble.

May 2021 - Summer 1 - Week 5

This week, Lewis Hamilton have continued studying Jekyll and Hyde in English. We have continued reading the text and had a go at analysing the language. We have also been planning out our own character descriptions to use in some creative writing focussing on secret identities.

In Maths, Year 10 have been developing their understanding of enlargements and using scale factors to solve problems. This has required a lot of perseverance, but learners have all worked hard on this topic.

In Science, we have been revising our knowledge of acids and alkalis, as well as recapping hazard symbols. We are now ready for some practical chemistry lessons!

In PE, Year 10 have continued working on their hockey skills, improving their control and accuracy. And in Community & Enterprise, we made some magnets. This involved creating our own designs for the magnets, as well as using a glue gun safely.

May 2021 - Summer 1 - Week 4

This week in English Lewis Hamilton have continued our study of Jekyll and Hyde, recapping the story so far and focussing on different character traits.

In Science, we learned about our final separation technique of distillation, before revising the topic to prepare for assessment.

In ASDAN, we had fun designing our own 'TV Room', doing some virtual window shopping and constructing accurate plans.

In PE, learners have continued practising their hockey skills and worked well together as a class.

In Hospitality & Catering, Y10 focussed on cheesecakes, experimenting with some new recipes and concentrating on beautiful decoration and presentation.

In Music Tech, learners produced some outstanding soundtracks to accompany a video travelling through space. Learners worked really hard to match their music to the video.

May 2021 - Summer 1 - Week 3

This week in English, Lewis Hamilton have continued reading Jekyll and Hyde, using a dictionary to look up any unfamiliar words and expand their vocabularies. We ended the week by continuing to develop creative writing ability. Learners are really improving their independent writing skills. 

In Maths, Lewis Hamilton have been learning about scatter graphs. Learners have all achieved highly in this topic, mastering skills in drawing, plotting and interpreting scatter graphs and developing their understanding of correlation. 

In Science, learners completed a chromatography practical task. This required them to follow a method carefully and measure their results accurately to draw conclusions about the solubility of ink. 

This week in PE, learners have continued working on their hockey skills, particularly paying attention to blocking and thinking carefully about strategy when playing a game. It has been really good to have all learners engaging so well this. 

In Hospitality and Catering, Y10 focussed on pancakes and waffles this week. We had great success practicing flipping pancakes and then really enjoyed eating them! 

In Music Tech, Y10 have continued expanding their skills by creating new drum loops, layered with a drone and a lead part. Learners have produced some wonderful and emotional pieces of music and are becoming much more confident in sharing their work and giving feedback to their peers. 

In Community and Enterprise, Lewis Hamilton really enjoyed a practical food session this week. They took orders for different snack foods and drinks, which they then made and distributed to their peers and staff. They also worked on making a huge batch of marmalade which can be sold in the Quest shop. Learners showed excellent skills in teamwork, and in using the kitchen. 

April 2021 - Summer 1 - Week 2

This week in English Lewis Hamilton learners have continued their study of 'Jekyll and Hyde' by looking at the features of gothic literature. Learners have analysed different texts and film clips to become familiar with these features, before showing off their creative writing skills by writing their own gothic stories. Learners have engaged with this topic really well and worked independently on their creative writing, producing some work we are very proud of.

In Maths, we have continued our study of data by practising reading and drawing different types of graphs. This provided the challenge of using graph paper to make the graphs more detailed and accurate, and all learners showed great perseverance to achieve their objectives here.

In Science, Lewis Hamilton conducted a practical to separate sand and salt. They mixed it with water to dissolve the salt, then filtered out the sand, before evaporating the water to retrieve the salt. Learners really enjoyed watching the salt crystalise and then comparing the size and arrangement of their crystals.

In PE, we have continued working on hockey skills. All learners have showed excellent engagement this week, participating in several warm-up games to improve a variety of hockey skills, including dribbling, chipping and shooting.

In ASDAN this week, learners were challenged to make paper aeroplanes using different types of paper and different methods of construction. We tested them out in the corridor to compare which materials and methods were the most successful.

Learners have also enjoyed a new Community and Enterprise topic where they have had the opportunity to learn about the manufacturing process while creating some small products for the Quest Shop. In our first session, learners created coasters. We have had some very interesting designs produced!

April 2021 - Summer 1 - Week 1

This week in English, Lewis Hamilton have begun studying 'Jekyll and Hyde'. We have explored Victorian London to understand the context of the story and then analysed the characters and setting in the first chapter.

In Maths, Lewis Hamilton class have been looking at data. Learners formulated their own hypotheses and then collected some secondary data, before writing their own questionnaires which could be used to gain primary data on their topics.

In Science, Year 10 have moved on to studying Chemistry. We began by recapping our understanding of elements and compounds.

This week in Computing, learners have continued expanding their understanding of Microbits and how we could use them in the environment. We have coded a tree protector and a water pump. 

In PE, Lewis Hamilton are practising their Hockey skills. We have played a range of warm-up and skills activities, as well as putting our skills to use in a game.

In Hospitality and Catering, Year 10 made some delicious curries this week. They had to demonstrate safe behaviour in the kitchen and follow their recipes independently. In Music Technology, Lewis Hamilton learned how to create a drum loop, by layering different beats on top of each other.

This week in Alert, learners enjoyed making flour balls, which they have been using as very effective stress balls to help them focus their other lessons throughout the week.


March 2021 - Spring 2 - Week 5

This week in English Lewis Hamilton have been looking at exam technique and practising answering questions requiring them to find implicit and explicit information within different texts. Learners worked really hard interpreting some very challenging texts and then forming their own exam-style answers.

In Maths, we have been studying straight line graphs. We have learned that the equation of the graph is in the form y=mx+c and used this information to plot straight line graphs, as well as working out the equation of a line given on a graph. Learners have shown good perseverance with this challenging topic.

In Science, Lewis Hamilton have finished their Health and Diseases topic by learning about how different vaccines and medicines are developed, from research to testing. They are now beginning to revise for their next end of topic test, working towards their qualification.

In Computing, learners have been demonstrating all their coding skills to create different types of software to support health and wellbeing. We have coded Microbits to become pedometers, heart monitors and LED safety lights.

In Music Tech, learners are working on creating all the sound effects to go with a short film. This week, they created several different ticking clock noises using different stationery items from the classroom.


March 2021 - Spring 2 - Week 4

This week in English, Lewis Hamilton have practised their debating skills by thinking about the question 'Is swearing okay?' We discussed situations where swearing can be acceptable and           situations where it absolutely is not, before learners wrote their own arguments that they could present in a debate. We have also celebrated Shakespeare Week by learning about some Shakespearean insults and writing some of our own.

In Maths, learners have been demonstrating and mastering their knowledge of constructing         triangles by completing their work independently. They showed excellent mathematical knowledge and fine motor skills in using a ruler, protractor and pair of compasses. We have also begun         extending this knowledge to decide if different triangles are congruent or not.

Learners were also very excited to start practising their basketball skills in PE this week. Learners engaged well with some warm-up games and then showed off their teamwork skills in a game of basketball.

In ASDAN, learners had another opportunity to work as a team on a range of challenges. We built structures out of plastic cups, towers using spaghetti and marshmallows, and finally used a range of materials to protect an egg, before testing our creations by dropping the egg out of the window.

Lewis Hamilton class also enjoyed returning to Alert sessions. This week, we focussed on the sense of taste, trying lots of different foods and exploring how the different tastes and textures affected our engine speeds.

March 2021 - Spring 2 - Week 3

This week Lewis Hamilton class have enjoyed STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) Week at Quest. In English, we have learned about some famous scientists and then learners carried out their own research to create some fact files. Learners also extended their independent research skills by choosing a Science topic on the theme of Innovative Inventions and designing their own posters.

In Maths, learners practised their teamwork and problem-solving skills by completing two different virtual escape rooms. Everyone got involved and had fun solving some very challenging number puzzles to crack the codes.

Y10 also enjoyed conducting some Science experiments out on the playground. We compared 3 different types of fizzy drink to find out which one produced the best eruption when mixed with mentos. We also explored chemical reactions by engineering and then blasting off our pop rockets.

Lewis Hamilton learners also engaged in a Smashing Stereotypes session to discuss why diversity is so important in STEM areas. We learned about some inspirational scientists breaking barriers in their work. To finish the week, Y10 used Indigo to research different career options across STEM. Maybe some inspiration for the future...

March 2021 - Spring 2 - Week 2

This week in Maths, Year 10 have been learning 4 different methods to construct triangles. They have all worked really hard on this topic and are now confidently able to construct different types of triangles independently. This has required learners to use their knowledge of shapes and angle facts, as well as demonstrate their skills using mathematical equipment, including rulers, protractors and compasses to draw and measure accurately.

In English, learners have been thinking about the target audience for different pieces of writing. They then used their learning to write their own paragraphs aimed at a specific audience. This week we have also celebrated World Book Day, which saw the learners attending school in their pyjamas, having a go at some book-themed puzzles and activities, as well as writing their own stories. We have had some very imaginative work produced!

February 2021 - Spring 2 - Week 1

In English this week, learners have been practising their creative writing skills by writing a story inspired by a picture. We have had some amazingly detailed work produced, where learners have focussed on their vocabulary to make their writing more interesting.

This week in Maths, we have been studying Pythagoras' theorem. Learners have all worked really hard and are now confident independently working out the lengths of different sides of right-angled triangles and applying their knowledge to solve real-world problems.

In Science, we have moved onto our new topic, looking at health, disease and medicine. This week we have learned about different types of diseases and how our lifestyle can affect our health.

February 2021 - Spring 1 - Week 6

This week in English, we read and watched a news report about a snowman that was destroyed. We then wrote our own stories or reports inspired by the story of the snowman. The learners all produced some very imaginative work, with some even adding pictures for amazing presentation.

In Maths, we continued working with circles, using the radius and diameter in our calculations. Learners have focussed on how to work out the area of circles.

February 2021 - Spring 1 - Week 5

This week in English, we have continued studying 'Of Mice and Men'. Learners have answered questions on the first chapter and begun taking notes on the characters as we meet them during the second chapter.

In Maths, we have been using the radius and diameter to calculate the circumference of circles. Learners have all shown really good understanding on this topic and used Manga High to consolidate their skills.

In Science, we have been investigating evolution by natural selection, selective breeding and genetic engineering. Learners have engaged really well with these topics and we have had some excellent discussions in the classroom.

Learners have also been continuing work on their options subjects. This week, learners studying Hospitality and Catering have started producing leaflets and posters on the 8 tips for a healthy diet.

January 2021 - Spring 1 - Week 4

In Maths, Year 10 have been studying number sequences and inequalities. We have practised our skills during lessons and are now beginning to answer GCSE level questions in these topics. We have also been investigating prime numbers by colouring in a number square to help answer problems involving prime numbers.

In English, we have been studying 'Of Mice and Men' by John Steinbeck. We have learned about the American Dream and begun making notes on the character descriptions from the opening of the novel. We have also been developing our skills in proof reading to improve our writing, practising using punctuation and checking and correcting spelling mistakes.

In Science, we have been working really hard studying different types of cells, DNA and inheritance, and natural selection. It has been a challenging topic with lots of new key words, but learners have really showed resilience to achieve their objectives in every lesson.

Year 10 have also been working on independent research projects on a topic of their choice, producing very informative powerpoint presentations on topics such as Denisovans, the Battle of Hastings and the History of Rock Music.

Friday 6th March 2020

This week in Lewis Hamilton the learner's engaged in lots of different activities. 

In Personalised Learning some of the learner's learnt about different emotions and how emotions link to behaviour, others learnt how to use gym equipment. 

In Maths we learnt about angles in a triangle and on a straight line. 

In English we started to read Frankenstein began to watch the opening scenes of the film. 

In Science the learners learnt about momentum.

In P.E learners used the gym equipment, used the punching bag and played ball games. 



Friday 28th February 2020

Over the last few weeks Lewis Hamilton have been consolidating and testing their knowledge in science looking at bonding, structure and properties of matter.

In English they have been writing their own creative piece of writing about Armistice Day.

In Maths the class have been applying angle facts to derive results about angles and sides, the rest of the class have been focusing on their timetables.

In core P.E Lewis Hamilton have been improving their bowling skills and those that have taken P.E for one of their options have been burning calories using the gym equipment to earn chocolate bars! 

In PSHE we have been learning about different types of relationships.






 Friday 24th January 2020

This week some of Lewis Hamilton have been focusing on expanding double brackets, Inverse and Direct proportion in Maths, the rest of the class has been exploring Money Problems and how to use change. 

In English they have  all been taking part in some improvisation and acting out set scenarios.

In Science they conducted experiments on the length of time it took for Sodium Chloride to boil, or did it?  Ask the learners.

In Food Technology the learners made ‘Baked Cheese Cake’.

The week was topped off with a trip to Nando’s where Lewis Hamilton used all their saved Empathy rewards, all were impeccably behaved with great table manners.