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  • Welcome to Lewis Hamilton Class

    Published 21/11/19, by {custom13}

    March 2021 - Spring 2 - Week 5

    This week in English Lewis Hamilton have been looking at exam technique and practising answering questions requiring them to find implicit and explicit information within different texts. Learners worked really hard interpreting some very challenging texts and then forming their own exam-style answers.

    In Maths, we have been studying straight line graphs. We have learned that the equation of the graph is in the form y=mx+c and used this information to plot straight line graphs, as well as working out the equation of a line given on a graph. Learners have shown good perseverance with this challenging topic.

    In Science, Lewis Hamilton have finished their Health and Diseases topic by learning about how different vaccines and medicines are developed, from research to testing. They are now beginning to revise for their next end of topic test, working towards their qualification.

    In Computing, learners have been demonstrating all their coding skills to create different types of software to support health and wellbeing. We have coded Microbits to become pedometers, heart monitors and LED safety lights.

    In Music Tech, learners are working on creating all the sound effects to go with a short film. This week, they created several different ticking clock noises using different stationery items from the classroom.


    March 2021 - Spring 2 - Week 4

    This week in English, Lewis Hamilton have practised their debating skills by thinking about the question 'Is swearing okay?' We discussed situations where swearing can be acceptable and           situations where it absolutely is not, before learners wrote their own arguments that they could present in a debate. We have also celebrated Shakespeare Week by learning about some Shakespearean insults and writing some of our own.

    In Maths, learners have been demonstrating and mastering their knowledge of constructing         triangles by completing their work independently. They showed excellent mathematical knowledge and fine motor skills in using a ruler, protractor and pair of compasses. We have also begun         extending this knowledge to decide if different triangles are congruent or not.

    Learners were also very excited to start practising their basketball skills in PE this week. Learners engaged well with some warm-up games and then showed off their teamwork skills in a game of basketball.

    In ASDAN, learners had another opportunity to work as a team on a range of challenges. We built structures out of plastic cups, towers using spaghetti and marshmallows, and finally used a range of materials to protect an egg, before testing our creations by dropping the egg out of the window.

    Lewis Hamilton class also enjoyed returning to Alert sessions. This week, we focussed on the sense of taste, trying lots of different foods and exploring how the different tastes and textures affected our engine speeds.

    March 2021 - Spring 2 - Week 3

    This week Lewis Hamilton class have enjoyed STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) Week at Quest. In English, we have learned about some famous scientists and then learners carried out their own research to create some fact files. Learners also extended their independent research skills by choosing a Science topic on the theme of Innovative Inventions and designing their own posters.

    In Maths, learners practised their teamwork and problem-solving skills by completing two different virtual escape rooms. Everyone got involved and had fun solving some very challenging number puzzles to crack the codes.

    Y10 also enjoyed conducting some Science experiments out on the playground. We compared 3 different types of fizzy drink to find out which one produced the best eruption when mixed with mentos. We also explored chemical reactions by engineering and then blasting off our pop rockets.

    Lewis Hamilton learners also engaged in a Smashing Stereotypes session to discuss why diversity is so important in STEM areas. We learned about some inspirational scientists breaking barriers in their work. To finish the week, Y10 used Indigo to research different career options across STEM. Maybe some inspiration for the future...

    March 2021 - Spring 2 - Week 2

    This week in Maths, Year 10 have been learning 4 different methods to construct triangles. They have all worked really hard on this topic and are now confidently able to construct different types of triangles independently. This has required learners to use their knowledge of shapes and angle facts, as well as demonstrate their skills using mathematical equipment, including rulers, protractors and compasses to draw and measure accurately.

    In English, learners have been thinking about the target audience for different pieces of writing. They then used their learning to write their own paragraphs aimed at a specific audience. This week we have also celebrated World Book Day, which saw the learners attending school in their pyjamas, having a go at some book-themed puzzles and activities, as well as writing their own stories. We have had some very imaginative work produced!

    February 2021 - Spring 2 - Week 1

    In English this week, learners have been practising their creative writing skills by writing a story inspired by a picture. We have had some amazingly detailed work produced, where learners have focussed on their vocabulary to make their writing more interesting.

    This week in Maths, we have been studying Pythagoras' theorem. Learners have all worked really hard and are now confident independently working out the lengths of different sides of right-angled triangles and applying their knowledge to solve real-world problems.

    In Science, we have moved onto our new topic, looking at health, disease and medicine. This week we have learned about different types of diseases and how our lifestyle can affect our health.

    February 2021 - Spring 1 - Week 6

    This week in English, we read and watched a news report about a snowman that was destroyed. We then wrote our own stories or reports inspired by the story of the snowman. The learners all produced some very imaginative work, with some even adding pictures for amazing presentation.

    In Maths, we continued working with circles, using the radius and diameter in our calculations. Learners have focussed on how to work out the area of circles.

    February 2021 - Spring 1 - Week 5

    This week in English, we have continued studying 'Of Mice and Men'. Learners have answered questions on the first chapter and begun taking notes on the characters as we meet them during the second chapter.

    In Maths, we have been using the radius and diameter to calculate the circumference of circles. Learners have all shown really good understanding on this topic and used Manga High to consolidate their skills.

    In Science, we have been investigating evolution by natural selection, selective breeding and genetic engineering. Learners have engaged really well with these topics and we have had some excellent discussions in the classroom.

    Learners have also been continuing work on their options subjects. This week, learners studying Hospitality and Catering have started producing leaflets and posters on the 8 tips for a healthy diet.

    January 2021 - Spring 1 - Week 4

    In Maths, Year 10 have been studying number sequences and inequalities. We have practised our skills during lessons and are now beginning to answer GCSE level questions in these topics. We have also been investigating prime numbers by colouring in a number square to help answer problems involving prime numbers.

    In English, we have been studying 'Of Mice and Men' by John Steinbeck. We have learned about the American Dream and begun making notes on the character descriptions from the opening of the novel. We have also been developing our skills in proof reading to improve our writing, practising using punctuation and checking and correcting spelling mistakes.

    In Science, we have been working really hard studying different types of cells, DNA and inheritance, and natural selection. It has been a challenging topic with lots of new key words, but learners have really showed resilience to achieve their objectives in every lesson.

    Year 10 have also been working on independent research projects on a topic of their choice, producing very informative powerpoint presentations on topics such as Denisovans, the Battle of Hastings and the History of Rock Music.

    Friday 6th March 2020

    This week in Lewis Hamilton the learner's engaged in lots of different activities. 

    In Personalised Learning some of the learner's learnt about different emotions and how emotions link to behaviour, others learnt how to use gym equipment. 

    In Maths we learnt about angles in a triangle and on a straight line. 

    In English we started to read Frankenstein began to watch the opening scenes of the film. 

    In Science the learners learnt about momentum.

    In P.E learners used the gym equipment, used the punching bag and played ball games. 



    Friday 28th February 2020

    Over the last few weeks Lewis Hamilton have been consolidating and testing their knowledge in science looking at bonding, structure and properties of matter.

    In English they have been writing their own creative piece of writing about Armistice Day.

    In Maths the class have been applying angle facts to derive results about angles and sides, the rest of the class have been focusing on their timetables.

    In core P.E Lewis Hamilton have been improving their bowling skills and those that have taken P.E for one of their options have been burning calories using the gym equipment to earn chocolate bars! 

    In PSHE we have been learning about different types of relationships.






     Friday 24th January 2020

    This week some of Lewis Hamilton have been focusing on expanding double brackets, Inverse and Direct proportion in Maths, the rest of the class has been exploring Money Problems and how to use change. 

    In English they have  all been taking part in some improvisation and acting out set scenarios.

    In Science they conducted experiments on the length of time it took for Sodium Chloride to boil, or did it?  Ask the learners.

    In Food Technology the learners made ‘Baked Cheese Cake’.

    The week was topped off with a trip to Nando’s where Lewis Hamilton used all their saved Empathy rewards, all were impeccably behaved with great table manners.




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