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Welcome to Alan Turning Class

January 2021 - Spring term - Week 2 

This week we have been very proud of our learners whom are working hard at home to complete their home learning, despite how challenging we know this can be.


Within our English lesson this week we continued looking at stories from Greek Mythology with the focus of learning being the tale of Perseus and Medusa. We also looked at how we use possessive apostrophes with plurals.

During maths we continued to look at the perimeter of solid shapes, as well as working out how to find the perimeter of unusual shapes when not given all the measurements. 

We have also been looking at time and helping those whom are still struggling, how to tell the time by using our class resources.

During food tech we made some delicious cupcakes which we later decorated with yummy icing.

Finally, we continued to create our own town or city during creative curriculum using minecraft.

January 2021 - Spring term - Week 1

This week in Alan Turing it has been quite different to our normal week, due to new restrictions placed upon us all. However, we have worked hard to try and keep the routine as normal as possible for our learners within class and provided home learning for our learners at home.

For our maths this week we have started to learn how to measure the perimeter of a shape, in English we have started a new topic, Greek Mythology and learnt the story of Theseus and the Minotaur and during our Food tech lesson we cooked pasta, making our own sauce from scratch using various ingredients.