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March 2021

During STEM Week Gandhi worked incredibly hard solving problems, demonstrating fantastic team work.

January 2021

Over the course of Spring 1, Gandhi have explored the Maths topic of fractions, decimals and percentages- working out how to move between each of these data representations and convert them accordingly. In addition to this Ian has been delivering some dynamic visual lessons which have got the class to investigate angles in shapes, including calculating isosceles triangles and quadrilaterals.

In English the class are examining how contrasts are used to reflect society, delving deep into the moral messages contained in poetry. They have been demonstrating that they can use the SMILE writing framework (Structure/Meaning/Imagery/Language/Effect) to analyse some selected verses or stanzas of poetry.

In Science the group have explored 2 topics of study- ‘Sound’ and ‘Ecosystems’ for which they have explored the qualities of sound waves such as pitch, tone and frequency. In ‘ecosystems’ the subject content has been vast, including ideas such as genetic variation and hybridity amongst species.

In Media and Computing the group have explored a new topic entitled ‘Understanding Audiences for Media Products’ where they have enjoyed investigating how audiences are broken down in the eyes of media producers and how regulators like the British Board of Film Classification shape how media content is classified.

In Computing the group has completed various programming projects in the block coding language of ‘MakeCode’ and the script coding language of ‘Python’. The theme of the term has been local and global citizenship, so the group have coded algorithms to solve social problems such as ‘being active’, night safety on roads, clean oceans, sensory classrooms and ideas to help plants grow.

This term Gandhi have explored two main projects in the Creative Curriculum; the first is on geography and the changing economic world, understanding about the challenges developing countries face. Their practical work has been to design and maintain a ‘model city’, making sure the residents have adequate jobs, good healthcare and are protected by law enforcement. Another project has been to explore the life of Buddha as part of some Religious Education learning.

20th March 2020

This week in science Gandhi have explored the periodic table of elements, with some great work translating chemical names into their composition coding.

Further work on Macbeth and creative writing has been explored in English related to generating a sense of mood and atmosphere in literature, this has been finished off with a screening of ‘The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen’ which features just about every famous literary monster in history!

Maths has been a mix of working out and exploring the topic angles and revision on core learning from Key Stage 3 essentials like percentages.

In Media the group have continued their work narrative, exploring non-linear structures in more detail and working out how to predict which part of the story they think would come next.

In PSHCE, they group were able to review the topics they had been studying over the spring term with access to the BBC’s ‘Modern Studies’ website- they also took a test to see how much they have understood a choice of wellbeing topics such as Online Safety, Relationships or Body Image.

13th March 2020

This week Gandhi have had some highly engaging lessons in Science where they saw the effects of flammable gases! They were naturally engrossed in making home-made flame-throwers with Ryan and saw the results when ignited!

In Maths the group continued to look at angles but also revisited percentages and during English the learners continued looking at Macbeth and started researching witches in Shakespeare’s era.

In Media the group have begun looking at how stories are told in films and the types of structure a narrative takes, they viewed 3 alternate endings to the same film when exploring how a plot can be resolved in different ways.

In Food Technology the learners had free-reign to make a dish of their choosing, this resulted in some delicious cornflake cakes, pancakes and shortbread biscuits to satisfy anyone’s sweet-tooth cravings!



6th March 2020

This week Gandhi have continued to explore angles, examining techniques on how to calculate triangles dissecting parallel lines. The group have enjoyed identifying shapes using their Manga High logins to help further develop skills, earn trophies and see their rankings within the school.

During English the class were given a practice exam question on descriptive language, this has been coupled with studying a graphic novel version of Macbeth.

In Science the group completed two practical lessons on acids and alkalines where the learners could apply their theoretical knowledge effectively.

In Media the group have explored the concepts of diegetic and non-diegetic sound in films, watching selected sequences from ‘Wall-E’, ‘Blow Out’ and ‘The Matrix’ and analysing what they imagined the sources to be.

ASDAN had learners working as a team to construct Minecraft Labyrinths, to challenge other teams to find their way out!

In Core PE the class put in an exceptional effort using our gym facilities which really engaged them in raising those heart-rates!

In Food Technology the week can be summed up on one word- MEAT! The learners grilled burger patties or rolled chicken fajitas in a BBQ cook off…



28th February 2020

This week Gandhi have been exploring the topic alkaline and acid solutions in Science. 

In Topic they have been looking at same sex marriage, civil ceremonies and the differences between arranged and forced marriage in PSHCE.  

In Media the class have examined different types of cuts and transitions in films such as ‘Baby Driver’ exploring the opening titles sequence and identifying how the edit was in time with the music.

In Maths they have investigated angles through plotting and measuring triangles and played a maths game to unlock an imprisoned ball through rotating it around it’s confined space!

In English the class have tried to get to the bottom of the murder of King Duncan with Macbeth as the prime suspect! They have finished the week with free reading on a book of their choice.


7th February 2020

This week Gandhi have been exploring the topic of human reproduction in Science alongside an understanding of what makes healthy relationships in PSHCE, looking at the difference between a marriage and a civil partnership and defining their own views on when relationships should develop.

In Media the class have explored an understanding of how meaning is made in film editing and the way it can play with space and time in movies.

In Maths they have continued to explore ratio and in English applied similes to their creative writing pieces.

One highlight of the week was Food Technology which was all-vegetable based; making spicy stir fries, Quorn Bolognese, wraps and pizzas.


31st January 2020

This week Gandhi have been focusing on creating album cover art in their Music Technology lessons, alongside an edit of a composition reflecting the verse and chorus structure.

In media they have been examining camera movement in context to the types of cinematography used in Hollywood productions.

In maths they have been simplifying ratios without the use of a calculator and English has explored extending their creative writing skills by evoking mood and atmosphere through the use of carefully selected adjectives.

PSHCE lessons have continued to explore the topic of ‘cyberbullying’ and the responsibility young people have online to flag concerns and be aware of the harmful effects they could have as ‘trolls’.

The group continued to work on the ASDAN award for ‘teamwork’ with the skills focus of working together with consideration and without causing offence.


24th January 2020

This week Gandhi have been focusing on using language to create mood and atmosphere in English including planning, discussing and recording their ideas inspired by George Orwell.

In Maths they have been simplifying fractions and ordering fractions with the same denominator.

In Media they have explored shot types related to cinematography through studying ‘Wallace and Gromit: The Wrong Trousers’.

In Food Technology, learners made ‘Baked Cheese Cake’ and began working towards an new ASDAN Qualification ‘Award of Personal Effectiveness’- the first unit being an introduction to working with others. The lesson involved teaming up to solve codes and puzzles related to a virtual Escape Room which they all managed to breakout from!