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Welcome to George Eliot Class

July 2022 - Set Design

This week in English, GE class have been designing sets for A Midsummer Night's Dream. You can see how their work is inspired by what they have learned in their Art lessons!

July 2022 - Ace and Poetry Workshop

June 2022

February 2021

Ruby's Tribute to Sir Tom.

January 2021

Minecraft Challenge

In our 'Creative Curriculum Minecraft Challenge' learners are working on building their own Minecraft Community, thinking about what important buildings/places are needed.

‘All about animals’ and ‘All about autism’ Folders

Learners have created their own ‘personalised projects’, where they have put together information and materials on a chosen subject to share with others.

Food Tech

Learners have created their favourite types of food, a delicious Victoria sponge cake and lasagne.


Learners have started to work upon a solar system project in science, learning about all the different planets and interesting facts related to them.   

December 2020


January 2020